Skin Recovering™ Pillowcase

Skin Recovering™ Pillowcase

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Suitable for: All skin types
Treatment: Anti-bacterial silver ion treatment
Fabric: 23 momme mulberry silk (highest quality silk)
Closure: Hidden zipper
Fitting: Stretches to fit similar sizes (It's ok to leave a bit of space and buy a size bigger)
Ethical certification: Oeko-Tex® - Responsibly made
Animal tested: No
Added artificial chemicals: None
Packaging: Each product is individually packed and comes in its own box.

Easy to wash:
Use the washing machine program "delicate wash" or "hand wash" at 30 degrees and don't spin dry (centrifuge). Hang to dry and iron the pillowcase once dry for a soft effect.

We recommend using our washing bag to maintain optimal quality over time. Optionally, you can use a PH-neutral liquid wash detergent.
We know you're going to love our products, but we understand you can't be sure now. That is why we offer a 30 night trial. If for any reason you're not loving your Refress silk pillowcase, even after 30 days, send it back for a full refund.

Side note: This is not applicable for products other than pillowcases.

"Will never sleep on cotton again! It's super soft and so comfortable to lie on! Quality is outstanding and it really comes packed as a gift. Huge recommendation to all! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
 Anna C.

The #1 rated pillowcase in the world: The Skin Recovering Silk Pillowcase
Made from extremely soft, hypoallergenic, 23 Momme mulberry silk for incredible sleep. Designed by dermatologists to recover your skin overnight and protect it from irritation- and acne-causing bacteria.

  • Prevents acne and skin irritation

  • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles

  • No hair breakage or hair loss

  • Natural materials

As Seen In

Sleep's Magic Touch: Unlocking Skin, Hair and Sleep Brilliance.

Experience the softness of the Skin Recovering Pillowcase, designed to reduce friction and gently protect skin and hair, minimizing tangles, breakage, and wrinkles. With 99.7% antibacterial efficacy due to silver ion technology, it helps prevent skin irritation, acne, and eczema.

Smoother, Clearer Skin Overnight
🌿 Protect your Hair and Keep it Healthy
💤 Hypoallergenic, Healthy Sleep


A Self-Care Essential Gift

Every Refress product comes in beautiful, specially made packaging that's designed to make unboxing feel like a luxurious experience, whether it's for you or someone special.

Temperature Regulating
Breathable Fabric


Proven benefits, proven results

Dermatologists Love the Skin Recovering Pillowcase

I recommend Refress to all my patients. It increases the effectivity of your serums and moisturizers, while the softness of the silk avoids the forming lines and folds in your face.


Drs. Karlen Hultman

Most people sleep on a cotton pillowcase, but did you know that after just 3 days there are as many bacteria on your pillowcase as there are on a toilet seat? Our silk pillowcases are infused with silver ions, eliminating 99.7% of all bacteria. Silk is also naturally super soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic.
Yes! Our pillowcases are designed for all hair types and ages.
Sure! Unlike other skin care products, our products are suitable for all skin types.
596 Reviews
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